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Are Free Federal Government Small Business Grants Real?

George Sterling | Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

If you recently turned your TV on, you may have seen adverts that claim/show free Federal government business grants aimed for small businesses. A lot of ads say that millions await you in these free government grants, but how true is it?

If you are planning to start a business, ads such as these would really grab your attention. But before you start your business, it is extremely important to have a good knowledge of all the options available when getting financial help. Even if the Federal government business grant is real, there is a high chance that it will come with a huge interest.

So are these free Federal government business loans real? In short, yes. There are free grants available that come in the form of financial help from a taxpayer’s money, but keep in mind that not all individuals or businesses are eligible for these grants.

For getting these free grants by the government, your small business should be listed in the qualifying businesses that are granted this financial help. So before you aim for these grants, make sure that you read the qualifying list thoroughly. If you are simply planning to receive quick cash so you can start a small business, you will probably end up disappointed.

However, if your business qualifies for a government grant by all means, you can consider having one. Here is a list of businesses that can easily be funded using government grants.

  • An educational organization for higher education or private institution qualifies for free Federal government small business grants.
  • Non-Profit Organizations or causes
  • Any business related to governmental organizations

So what if you are an individual? Do you qualify for these government grants? Well, it completely depends on the area of your expertise. But even if your expertise qualifies for a free government grant, it will still take a lot of effort on your part to convince the government that you are eligible for free grants. If your work somehow helps the state or the country, the government can allow you to have these grants.

In a nut shell, the most successful businesses that gain free government grants are those that work in the non-profit organizations. Typically, if your business has something to do with a NGO, you are most likely going to receive these free grants.


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