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December 28th, 2012

Positive Outlook Regarding China’s Financial Market Despite Negativity

(George Sterling) - Deciphering the financial market of the 2nd largest economy in the world may allow many individuals to make money. According to experts’ opinion, the concerns pertaining to China’s economy during recent times are due to structural policy changes and are not due to cyclical changes. This explains why Chinese Financial Market has corresponded to the [...]

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December 7th, 2012

Lenders Feel Positive About United Kingdom’s Mortgage Market In 2013

(George Sterling) - According to a big group of prominent mortgage lenders, United Kingdom’s mortgage market will improve in 2013 after couple of difficult years. In the last week, a panel of large mortgage lenders joined at the Mortgage Business Expo and talked about the United Kingdom’s mortgage sector and its prospects. The common consensus that was concluded [...]

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November 7th, 2012

Re-Elected U.S President To Tackle Big Fiscal Cliff Issue

(George Sterling) - The United States Presidential elections concluded last night but the new and re-elected President of the country has to deal with a big challenge right away: the challenge of “fiscal cliff”, which is a combination of both, tax hikes and budget spending cuts to save $600 billion from the U.S economy. The ‘fiscal cliff’ issue [...]

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November 5th, 2012

Gas Prices Drop To Their Lowest In Almost Four Years

(George Sterling) - According to a new survey that was released on Sunday, gas prices have dropped to their lowest value in nearly four years. According to the survey, the average price of gasoline per gallon in the United States is currently at its lowest price since the financial recession struck the world economy in 2008. The survey [...]

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October 31st, 2012

Unemployment Level In Eurozone Increases: Sets New Record

(George Sterling) - In September, unemployment in Euro zone rose to its highest level, striking 11.6 percent. The euro zone has been dealing with exponentially high debt since 36 months and the new revelation regarding unemployment in the region setting new records is a clear sign that the euro zone is still struggling to get a hold of [...]

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October 29th, 2012

World Stock Markets Decline As Investors’ Focus Changes

(George Sterling) - On Monday, world stock markets dropped, as investors’ changed their focus from strong economic growth in the United States economy during the 3rd quarter of the year to the depressed state of corporate earnings across the world. However, due to the Hurricane Sandy, analysts and experts expected stock markets to perform lower and overall activity [...]

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October 23rd, 2012

US Corporate Earnings Shatter Investors’ Confidence: World Stocks Fall

(George Sterling) - On Tuesday, world stock markets dropped after United States corporate earnings shattered investors’ confidence. A week ago, investors were positive about the global economy, as well as the largest economy, but disappointing corporate earnings have worried investors yet again. Amongst the stocks that were affected globally included the FTSE 100 index of Britain, which dropped [...]

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October 18th, 2012

Signs Of Economic Improvement Seen In China

(George Sterling) - The 2nd largest economy in the world, China is showing signs of economic improvement after a rough quarter. China’s economy, just as all other economies, has been severely affected by the world economic crisis. According to data revealed on Thursday, China grew 7.4% from the past year in the last three months ending in September. [...]

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October 17th, 2012

US Earnings Report Sends Asian Shares Higher

(George Sterling) - On Wednesday, positive United States earnings report sent Asian shares higher, allowing them to reach their highest value in more than five months. On the other hand, since Spain was able to retain an investment grade debt rating, the euro also increased in value, hitting a 30 day high in contrast to the US dollar [...]

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October 12th, 2012

JPMorgan Reports Record Profit

(George Sterling) - The largest bank in the United States, JPMorgan Chase & Co reported record 3rd quarter profit earnings due to a big surge in home loans. According to the bank’s officially released statement, the total net income generated in the third quarter was $5.71 billion, which in terms of share value is a $1.40 per share [...]

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