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Spotlight on REITs: Jameson Inns INC

Money Manager | Monday, May 30th, 2011

Jameson Inns INC: This Real Estate Investment Trust is a hotel based one, in fact it only buys, develops and manages hotels then puts it name and brand on the hotel. The company is based in Atlanta Georgia and is a large hotel chain. The REIT was founded in 1987 with its first hotel in Winder, Georgia.

Jameson Inns INC changed their hotel model a little in 1999 to make the hotels more modern and efficient; these hotels are now recognized all over the south and are called by the Jameson Inn name.

Jameson Inns INC was listed on the Nasdaq as JAMS; it was a publicly traded company that was seeing a reasonably good divided at the end of each fiscal year. Jameson Inns INC owned and operated 107 hotels as of 2006 totalling 7,768 rooms. All hotels owned by Jameson Inns INC included pools, fitness centers, free local calling and 2 or 3 bedroom suites.

In 2006 all of the company’s shares were sold to JER Partners, a private equity firm, each share in the company was bought for $2.97 the total buy out would cost about $371 million dollars US. Jameson Inns INC would still operate under the Jameson Inns name, but would do so privately and be owned by JER partners.

This venture was done through Longhouse hospitality as well; a company that owns and operates 44 hotels around the nation, this group would in return help the JER partners in the acquisition of Jameson Inns INC.

JER Partners does not only invest in hotels or apartments, this company will also invest in retail, office and multifamily housing, having such a diversified portfolio will help this company through harder economic times.

The total revenue made by Jameson Inns, operating under JER properties in 2006 was $21.4 million dollars in 2006 this was up from the year before where they had a total revenue of $19.0 million dollars US.

Jameson Inns INC had made a brand for themselves which is what every company strives to do, when people see the hotel name they will stop there because it is a Jameson Inns that is way the name was never changed in the transaction, as JER partners where investing in a brand as well as physical property and management.

Jameson Inns INC was also taxed as a REIT meaning that the profits where to be divided between investors and shareholders rather than given to the government or to taxes at the end of every fiscal year, this makes investing in a REIT a positive experience for someone who is looking for a bit of a tax break on their investments.

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