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May 26th, 2009

Eleven Ways to Help Yourself Stay Sane in a Crazy Market

(William Garrett) - Keeping your cool can be hard to do when the market goes on one of its periodic roller-coaster rides. It’s useful to have strategies in place that prepare you both financially and psychologically to handle market volatility. Here are 11ways to help keep yourself from making hasty decisions that could have a long-term impact on [...]

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September 15th, 2008

Identifying Obstacles to Financial Freedom

(Money Manager) - What is it that keeps us all from building or optimizing wealth? The answer is 'debt' and Merriam Webster defines it as "the common-law action for the recovery of money held to be due." To most of us, it means "paying bills over time." Imagine a life with no mortgage, car payments, credit card bills, or other loan payments. What portion of your income would you need to make ends meet without those obligations? How dependant would you be on your job? How much could you invest towards retirement?

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September 15th, 2008

Credit Card Benefits

(Money Manager) - Double miles or free gas? Long distance or hotel discounts? Credit card companies and big retailers offer a lot of great things in exchange for your business. If used correctly, the benefits can be great. The question is, could Delta stay in business without charging you for a ticket, or could Exxon give away gas for free? No they cannot, and they aren’t. Plenty of money is made by giving things away.

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September 15th, 2008

5 Simple Ways to Save

(Money Manager) - You can work hard and maybe get a raise, or perhaps there is another line of work that will pay more. We can do a lot to make more money, but unfortunately there are outside influences like the economy that regulate what we can do for our career. Earning more money gets more and more difficult and we aren’t always in control of what we make. The one thing we have control over is what we spend, and for many, there is room for improvement. With a little imagination, life will only change for the better. With some discipline, a lot of money will be saved. Follow a few of our pointers, and we dare you not to.

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